A Mobile Office Trailer Helps Another Small Business

Mobile office trailer plan for a car wash in VirginiaWhenever I help a start up retail business rent or buy a mobile office trailer it feels good - especially if they save time and money with my advice. Here's the latest feedback from a car wash and auto detail shop owner in Virginia who needed an office trailer to manage his small business.

"We needed office space for our car wash in Virginia and decided to use a mobile office trailer. We weren't sure how much space we needed and if we needed permits to have the trailer on our property so we called Matt Banes at iModularbuildings.com. He gave us the information we needed to make getting the permit easy and helped us get the best deal on a 12'x52' office trailer from a local supplier."

"We used the iModularbuildings.com Rent a Mobile Office Price Quote form and saved a lot of money on a 24 month rental."

I appreciate the good words and am glad you are up and "washing cars" today.