Saturday, April 11, 2015

Used Office Trailers For Sale in Chicago

You can buy a mobile office trailer at a huge
discount if you shop smart.
Are you a price conscious shopper looking for a used construction office trailer for a job site or your business in Chicago? If so, consider using the price request form below to get prices from local suppliers and even some private owners who are trying to sell their mobile office trailer at a discounted price.

"Businesses anywhere in the United States can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a mobile office, construction trailer or even a specialty toilet or bathroom trailer by simply inquiring with multiple suppliers instead of just one or two. Using our price quote request form is fast and effective. This is being a smart and savvy shopper - it's as simple as that" states Matt Banes, founder of and

Here is the 2 Minute price form. Complete it and local companies will call you with their best price to rent or buy a used mobile office or specialty trailer.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Today's Modular Building Tips From Matt Banes

Help from Matt Banes abou buying a modularHere is a very helpful article that will help you make smart decisions before you buy a used modular building, mobile office trailer or portable classroom. I wrote this for in January 2015 - and it has helped people like you understand the most important things to look for when buying any type of modular building from a private owner or a reputable supplier.

Read the full article here - Tips for Saving Money by Matt Banes, President of

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Construction Office Trailer - Lower Your Price

Typical construction site office trailer on rent.
If you are searching for the lowest price to rent or buy a construction office trailer this post is going to be a big help. I've seen companies spend far more money on the monthly rental price than they should because the person responsible for renting the office trailer didn't shop as many companies as possible. This is understandable - especially when schedules are busy and time to shop prices and review contracts isn't readily available.

So what is the solution if your project is starting and you need an office trailer delivered right away and installed with steps, furniture and power? Try using this Construction Office Trailer Pricing Tool. Within five minutes you can send your request to the best suppliers in your area and they will compete to rent or sell you any sized office trailer - from a small 16'x 8' single office to a 36'x 60' modular office complete with offices, a conference room and bathrooms.

Here are a few tips to use when you receive calls from your local trailer rental companies:

1. Know how long you will need to rent the office trailer.

2. Know how many offices or bathrooms you need.

3. Always ask that the supplier include aluminum access stairs and/or a handicap ramp if required by code.

4. Negotiate one time fees like delivery, installation, removal and return delivery.

5. Ask if their are fees for early termination of the rent or cleaning of the office trailer upon return deliver.

6. ALWAYS negotiate the rental rate!

Happy price savings.....Matt

Friday, July 25, 2014

It Pays To Get The Best Price

Office trailer, construction office, storage container
Office trailer with rental steps.
It's pretty obvious that you can rent or buy any type of construction equipment for "the best price" as long as you have some time to shop and make a smart decision - and mobile field office trailers are no exception. Saving money makes sense whether you rent one office trailer or several throughout the course of any given year.

Cost cutting and cost saving are easier than ever nowadays with online price quote tools like Rent Saver Price Quote Request.  This is the easiest and fastest way to send your request to suppliers who have used and new construction offices, emergency office trailers and sales office trailers ready for delivery and at super competitive prices - especially when you are getting multiple prices.

"I calculated savings of more than $3,500 on field office trailer rentals in 2013 by getting multiple prices from the local companies and negotiating the price quotes," says one purchasing manager for a San Diego based General Contractor.