7 Tips to save money renting a construction trailer

Tips to save money when you rent a mobile office
Matt Banes says
save money renting
with his tips.
How many phone calls and time does it take for you to rent a mobile office construction trailer for a job site? If you are like the purchasing agent I just spoke with the answer is "probably five or more calls and a couple of hours all said and done!" So how do you find the best price from a supplier and place your order so your project can get mobilized? The answer is to work smart and negotiate like a pro.

Here's how to find the best price to rent any type of mobile office trailer, construction office, steel container or toilet trailer:

1. Know exactly how much space you need for the  project and what the floor plan of your mobile office or offices will need to look like.

2. Know how long you are willing to rent the office trailer for and when you need it delivered and picked up.

3. Try to have a level site for the office trailer that has easy access in and out. Delivery and installation in difficult locations gets expensive.

4. Know how many sets of aluminum OSHA steps or handicap ramps you will need or if you will be construction your own access to the trailers.

5. Don't forget to prepare for power, water and plumbing hook ups if needed.

6. Don't forget to lay out your furniture plan. Desks, chairs, conference tables, plan tables, etc.

7. Get the suppliers to send you their rental or lease agreements in advance and review them thoroughly. Get 3 prices and negotiate the best rent price, delivery and set up price, furniture rental and knock down and return delivery.