Monday, May 6, 2013

Lowest Price Office Trailer Rental Tips

Mobile office trailer rental
How to rent an office trailer.
So now you need an office trailer and you are realizing that there are several options to choose from and several suppliers that want your business. How do you get the mobile office space that best suits your needs at the lowest possible rent price?

Here are some of the most helpful tips to consider before you get prices from Office Trailer suppliers anywhere in the U.S.

1. Know how much space you need. Consider everything including furniture, office equipment, plan tables, restrooms and storage. It' a good idea to draw a simple floor plan first and work out the details.

Office and construction trailer discount price quote to rent or buy.2. Know how much space you have. Where is the mobile office or construction trailer going to sit? Consider the dimensions of the area you have available on your property and be sure there is enough space for parking, exit, handicap ramp and/or stairs. sure to get a price for connecting the utilities. This can be a surprising cost if the utility connections are far away or in a difficult location.

3. Know if you want to rent or buy the modular office trailer. This is a great way to work the best possible deal. Longer rental terms are favored by the office trailer suppliers.

4. If you are picky about the look of the office trailer be clear about the exterior finish color and interior finishes you want. If you have special door, window, HVAC or lighting requirements it's best to have the information handy when you contact the office trailer rental companies.

These tips should help you and the supplier you choose strike a fair deal. If you have questions just contact me (Matt Banes) for help at (714) 442-2757 extension 108.

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  1. If you need the office trailer for more than 36 months be sure to get a purchase price and warranty information. In the long run it may be smarter to borrow money from your bank or pay cash for the trailer. Office trailer companies are very flexible and usually have used mobile offices that they will sell at a discount.