San Diego Mobile Office Trailer Prices and Tips

Mobile Office Trailer PlanSales Office TrailerIn the last month we've helped several companies in need of temporary office trailer space find the best deals in San Diego and Riverside, California. The majority of these companies used our Mobile Office Price Form to find the best rental price from suppliers while others called my office directly with questions about prices, sizes and availability. Either way I am always here to help anyone looking for a mobile or modular structure anywhere in the United States or abroad. Call Matt Banes at (714) 442-2757 ext 108.

The most common requests are usually for the following sizes and types of mobile office trailers:
Steps and Ramps for Trailers

1. Construction Trailer, Job site Trailer - 8' x 24', 10' x 44' and 12' x 64'
2. Mobile Office for Industrial space - 12' x 44' and 12' x 64'
3. Mobile Office for Auto/Car sales lot - 12' x 56'

Rental prices in San Diego ranged from a low of $110.00 per month for short term leases to well over $300.00 per month for the custom sales and office trailer style trailers.

If you are budgeting to use an office trailer here are the items you should be prepared to pay for:

1. Delivery and installation.
2. Knock down and return delivery.
3. Rental or purchase price of the mobile office.
4. Purchase or rental of OSHA approved aluminum steps or a handicap ramp if required.
5. Temporary or permanent utility connections.
6. Permits if required.
7. Rental or purchase of furniture.

Hope this helps my fellow Californians find space at an affordable rate.