Help with Aluminum OSHA Steps and Handicap Ramps

Handicap access ramps and aluminum steps are often overlooked when a company rents or buys a mobile office, modular building or portable classroom. Not only is access important to any office or classroom but it's the law to provide handicap access if the general public will be using the structure for any reason.

Aluminum OSHA Steps for Mobile Offices can be purchased or rented in various sizes and configurations. Before you contact a supplier it is important to know how high the bottom of your access door is off of the ground and if the site where the steps will be placed is level. These factors will play a role in the price and how quickly you are able to have the steps delivered to your site.

Handicap access ramps can also be purchased or rented if need be. It is helpful and important to know where the ramp will be installed, what type of doors it will be servicing (double, single, swing in or out, etc.), how high the base of the door is off of the ground and what direction you want the ramp to face. Suppliers may want to perform a site visit before giving you a price and delivery schedule - otherwise the process is fairly simple.

Hope this helps a bit!\