Friday, December 21, 2012

Don't Forget a Handicap Ramp and Steps for Mobile Building

Aluminum handicap ramps and OSHA steps for trailers
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Every week we receive requests from businesses that have either a mobile office or modular building and need a handicap ramp and/or aluminum steps to access the structure. If you are in the same situation or if you have a used mobile office and need to replace steps or a ramp keep these tips in mind when you speak with suppliers.

1. Check with your local building and safety department about handicap access regulations. This will give you exactly the information you need to share with the ramp supplier.

2. Know the door locations and height from the ground to the threshold of the doorway. This is needed for both steps and ramps.

3. Take a photo of where the trailer is situated on your property or make a quick sketch. This will help the supplier determine how a handicap ramp will fit in the available space. Sometimes a second landing and switchback are required for small areas.

4. Know if you want to purchase or rent the ramp or stairs.

5. Consider buying a used aluminum ramp or steps - you will save money this way.

Looking for a supplier in your area? Try using the Free Price Quote web page. This is the most reliable way to find a supplier and get discounted prices for ramps and steps.